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D I am looking for someone to write Real Estate Investing articles and blogs. 1.) The first articles will be to attract Private lenders for lending funds to invest in real estate. A. using your 401k to invest in real estate, Use your IRA to invest 2.) Why REI beats the stock market 3.) Want to invest in real estate but dont know how? Work with us....etc. 4.) Become a private lender! 5.) How to become a private lender 6.) Become a private lender 2.) Other articles will be on how to fix and flip real estate and etc. These articles will be used as advertisements, as flyers to give to people, posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc. Articles don't have to be very long and shouldn't be. They don't have to be Ph.D. style or overly complex but they must be clear, concise and accurate. You must know that what you're writing is true and accurate. The whole point of these articles is to convince people to work with my company. You should have some type of background in REI, Finance, Real Estate Investments.

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