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Needed: Taboo and Fetish blog writers for adult content site. Applicants need to be NATIVE ENGLISH speakers or proficient enough in English that I can not tell the difference. I've already purchased several that required extensive editing on my part. The gig will be recurring for the right writers as I will need more than 25 blogs per week. Blogs will need to be written as though they are short (350-450 word) scenes from a porno and sometimes from an xxx horror movie. Each blog will have one keyword that will need to be ORGANICALLY placed every 100 words. (or 4 times, minimum). Key words may include some soft core fetishes such as: Pantyhose Fetish, Ass Worship Fetish, Big Breast Fetish, Feminization Fetish, Pregnancy Fetish, etc. But they may also include some hardcore, taboo fantasy stories (again, think horror movie with a porno twist) such as Kidnap Fantasies, Voyeur Fantasies, Succubus Fantasies, CBT Fantasies, and Fantasies that require blood and gore. I am willing to accept writers with hard limits, or particular fantasies they cannot write about, but preference will be given to those with No Limits. If you are still reading this, and still interested, I would ask that offers include whether you are a Native English Speaker, or you level of proficiency. I would also like it stated what fetish/and fantasies you are comfortable writing about and any of which you have any type of experience or willing to research. I will also require a sample of your adult content writing. ***Important*** Any offer that does not contain the words Native English Speaker (or proficiency level) AND some amount of industry-relevant terminology (fetish, no limits, taboo) will be immediately removed my offer list. Seriously, I am not looking for blogs on fitness or hair care products here. I've attached a copy of a sample storytelling fetish blog. It's longer than what is required, but you can get a feel for the style.

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