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Priyanka Pal
Country: NA

Graphic Designer

Logo Design Flyer Design, Presentation Design, Poster Designs, Photoshop Editing, T-Shirts, Banner Ads, Convert Files, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Data Analysis & Reports, E-Commerce Marketing, Articles & Blog Posts, SEO, Social Media Design, Infographics, Packaging, Editing & Post Production, Marketing Strategy, Search & Display Marketing,

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Digital Marketing
Himachal Pradesh, IND

Digital Marketing Professional with 3 Years of Experience

Logo Design SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Search & Display Marketing, Local Listings,

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Sumit sen
M.p, IND

digital marketing

Website Builders & CMS Search & Display Marketing, Logo Design, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO, T-Shirts, Banner Ads,

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